One on One Learning

Getting the Most Out of the Learning Process

Teach Me Hub provides students an effective, in-home, means to address academic challenges that arise as school districts shift to on-line learning programs as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

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About Teach Me Hub

The mission of Teach Me Hub is to provide effective in-home or 1:1 video conferencing alternatives to public and private schools shifting to online learning or hybrid programs.

With a team comprised of university students to fully certified and experienced educational professionals, Teach Me Hub shifts the teacher to student ratio from K-12 age children from 22:1 to 1:1 and for 29:1 for secondary school students.  Focused, regularly scheduled instruction from our educational professionals for 2 to 4 hours per day can radically improve your child’s learning experience and rate of academic growth. Private Tutoring Danville and surrounding areas. 

Reviewing for the Exam

With the one-on-one model, instructors are committed to listening to the student and actively responding. 

Through one-on-one interactions, students learn to trust their instructors and are given a completely safe space to openly share.

In a one-on-one relationship, teachers can get to know their student’s fully and keep track of their progress, gauging their successes and struggles.

Without the distraction and overstimulation of a room full of peers, students are able to focus all of their attention on their instructor and the material being learned.

Teach Me Hub

Our one-on-one approach is predicated on listening carefully to students, establishing commonality, and ultimately developing strong rapport.  In these settings, students have real-time feedback to questions resulting in an immediate and highly iterative learning process.

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