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We are here to help you keep your children’s education moving ahead during these trying times. Our teachers will work with you to develop a regularly scheduled

learning experience with an accredited educational professional on terms and timing that are best for you and your family.

Your Child Will Master the Basics

While the benefits of one on one learning lead to a more rapid learning process, one on one learning also provides parents the comfort that problem areas in various studies (for example, mathematics) won’t fall through the cracks. In large classroom settings, too often the class moves forward before every student has a mastery of a particular concept. In the Teach Me Hub environment, the teacher can ensure that the student is comfortable with the material learned to date so as to confidently move forward to the next concept.

Your Child is the Priority

Our one on one learning puts your child at the front of the class. Grade-appropriate curriculum from the State of CA and local school district standards will be used to tailor your child’s individual learning experience.

Your Child will Master the Basics

By having a good tutor help your child master the basics of difficult subjects, your child will have an easier time following along in class. 
In the long run, your child will be able to understand more advanced material because their basics are strong.

Your Child Will Learn Efficiently

Every child has a learning type. Some children are visual learners while others are auditory learners or hands-on learners. Nowadays, most teachers try to create lessons that cover all learning types to make sure that no child is left behind.

 Finding a private tutor who has experience working with children who have the same learning type as your child will result in your child learning more efficiently.

Your Child Will Love to Learn

When children start to struggle with a subject at school, they begin to think that they are not intelligent or that learning is not for them. Their confidence in their ability to learn, work hard, and achieve their academic (and other) goals starts to lower.
Seeing themselves improve and achieve their academic goals will help them love learning and increase their self-confidence


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